Andrson – The lowdown on the music tech Dublin startup that’s been built by musicians, to help musicians thrive and for A&R to be reimagined.
As with any creative industry, the music business is hard to break into. In a sea of voices vying to be heard, getting your unique style to the right ears can be near to impossible. It can be disheartening and only the most confident of people manage to prevent it from giving them a complex about their work.

For those looking for new talent, the sheer number clamouring to be The One can be overwhelming and ends up with them unable to see the wood for the trees. Perhaps, then, it is time for the music industry’s artists and repertoire division to be disrupted.

Dublin-based startup Andrson is that disruption. Andrson is a startup run by musicians, built to help musicians thrive. It is a global platform for undiscovered musicians to publish their work in an environment rich with industry professionals.

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